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Our Social Responsibility

What we feel

In addition to being in love with our crafts, we feel that our artisans and crafts men and women need more efforts in empowering their skills and their work.

We believe that the Micro business in our region is facing hardship in sustaining their work, preventing more entrepreneurs from opening new businesses, and discouraging new generation from keeping several lines of production alive especially the crafts and handmade artwork sector.

We believe that although many NGOs and funding agencies put effort in supporting our Micro artistic sector, they are not working towards sustainable development of our artisans and their work.

We believe that even if the government is trying to set many strategies, and puts effort in supporting this lovely sector, they need to crystalize their effort in more effective and better implemented initiatives towards empowerment and sustainability of our Micro businesses in general and of handmade artwork businesses in specific.

What we call you to do

Buy a locally made item each month from our local artisans and crafts men and women as a gift to an occasion or for yourself or family or as a decoration that enriches your home.

Buying from our artisans supports their work, their business, their income, their family life style and their children progress to a better future.

It does not have to cost much, with the variety of prices, functionality and styles, where you can find something suitable to your need.

This is our initiative to encourage our people to buy from our artisans, so we hope you share our social responsibility towards our Micro businesses.

What would be the effect of our initiative

Increase in handmade products sale in the local market - since our tourism sector is not active - increases return on sales to products makers.

Towards Heritage

Preserving our traditional heritage in crafts is done through sustainable production of traditional crafts in traditional designs and processes made for buyers interested in traditions, or through modernization of crafts while keeping the soul of tradition in these crafts allowing them to be competitive in quality, design, cost, and functionality made to appeal for the new generation keeping it alive in the homes and clothing.

Increase in sale of local crafts allow for such production to sustain and encourage new workers to join these lines of business thus preventing our heritage from extinction.

Towards SMEs

A large percentage of Micro businesses in the handmade artwork sector is facing a lot of difficulties in sustaining their work mainly financial.

Increase in sale of their production and in returns provides better living conditions for them and their families, allowing them to develop their skills in creativity, higher quality, competitive costing of their products. This would break the circle of less sales , less return, less development, less quality allowing globalization of designers and artisans and products appeal.  

Towards community

Supporting Micro businesses leading to success and better income encourages young generation to initiate personal businesses thus leads to less unemployment between them.

Less unemployment leads to less crime and healthier communities with better future for the children.

We urge you to join our initiative in supporting our Small businesses production for as little as you like.