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Free training courses to help develop the skills and businesses of micro artisans and craftsmen of the Arab Countries.

Free Downloads Board is a Free courses download service provided by AlHakaya.net (Our Heritage Documentation Project). You may download any of the offered courses and benefit from them as you wish.

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We offer courses in business, development, marketing and other areas mainly in Arabic to benefit our Artisans and help them excel in their work. We will add more courses and services from time to time.

About Us

AlHakaya Heritage Documentation Project seeks preserving our heritage in the Larger Syria region.

Feel free to check our AlHakaya Project web site, comment and share.

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About Us

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AlHakaya Heritage Documentation Project seeks preserving our heritage in the Larger Syria region.

Our aim at this part of the project is to offer business support services free or almost free to the heritage preserving people of our region. We started with crafts - traditional and modernized - and will hopefully continue with other sectors of heritage. We work as individuals and welcome any support and positive contribution.

Visit our main page of our Heritage Documentation Project and tour around. Give us feedback or offer information. Tell us what you think of our content and our free services so far. Tolerate our shortages and tell us about them. Share your experience with our visitors by sending them to us or by working with us.

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Service Overview

Our main focus is preserving heritage of our region using several means available. We believe that heritage is mainly kept alive through present and future use of it. We believe we can share in preserving it through promoting usage, production, distribution, development and commerce of heritage or simulation of it.

Our project was initiated by documenting the crafts of our region and the people who left an imprint on our heritage. The project services are expanding to provide free courses and training service to the heritage interested people. Launching a crafts shop service to promote our artisans is still under construction.

Every part of the project is continuously updated, contents are added, features are included, and services are tuned. New courses and services are to be offered from time to time, so visit us frequently and add us to your favorites.

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