Identity: Crafts: May Khoury

06.Crafts: May Khoury

May Khoury won the 2nd Laureate of the UNESCO crafts prize for the Arab states, held in Algeria in 2002, for the design of a unique wooden chair, carved and decorated with Traditional Palestinian intricate embroidery and motifs.

Inaugurated in 1999 , Badr Adduja fast grew to become a symbol of designing and producing the ultimate in beauty as the name suggests; in Arabic, Badr Adduja means the full moon at night.

Since the beginning, Badr Adduja has played an essential role in giving back to the community, where it has employed and cultivated the talents of over 30 artisans, granting them a stable income while sustaining their traditional craftsmanship skills. Together with May Khoury, the growing family of Badr Adduja continues to preserve Arabian folklore and bring its heritage to life.  

From eccentric furniture pieces and accessories, to rich textiles and even one-off clothing items, some of Badr Adduja’s creations have made it to the homes of prominent people and private VIP lounges, as well as renowned museums and hotels around the world.

Famous for creating beautifully bold and timeless pieces, each item at Badr Adduja is sure to take center stage in any given room, presenting nostalgic impressions in the most inspired modern ways.

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