Identity: Embroidery: Abla Azar

10. Embroidery: Abla Azar

With more than 20 years of experience and an established store in Amman, Designer Abla Azar has a specialized brand in premium traditional embroidery and modernized Arabesque clothing.

Her traditional Arabic clothing includes custom-made shawls, dresses, and jewelry, designed and tailored by local professionals who have inherited the skills to make these works of art.

Her name is Hind Maha Abla Majaj Azar, born in Jerusalem and living in Amman. She went to school in Jerusalem then to Birzeit College.

Her mother passed away when she was a child by an Israeli bomb where she was raised by her father and grandmother. Lost one baby daughter and her husband but has two children and grandchildren.

I am a hardworking woman who has a passion for heritage, love, and people . I’m a soldier. I fight with my designs. My designs revive our heritage! I’m Palestinian. I’m from Jerusalem. I’m a soldier and my weapon is my talent. These are words stated passionately by Abla Azar.

Contact Information:
Abla Azar - Since 1985 “Living our Traditions”
T: + 962 6 551-6186
Crowne Plaza Hotel Shopping mall

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