Identity: Embroidery:Intisar Elfarekh

03.Embroidery:Intisar Elfarekh

Intisar’s work revives the traditional Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery motifs. She'll take a small unit or pattern, such as a geometric image or floral piece, and repeat it again and again, decorating a dress with colorful designs and impressive symmetrical patterns.

It's not every fashion designer who can say that royalty wears their creations. Intisar Khalifeh, 70, is one of the few. Intisar, who was born in Palestine but lives in Jordan, has been commissioned to create her dresses, heavily-embroidered works of art, for Queen Rania and Queen Noor of Jordan.

Self-taught in embroidery and clothing design, the traditional styles were not fashionable while Intisar was growing up. Many people then and now prefer western styles of dress, she said.

Today, times have changed. While many women in Jordan still wear western clothing, Intisar's dresses are often bought for special occasions, including weddings and graduations.

Bellevue Reporter Staff Writer

Jun 16 2011