Al-Jadir Silver Collection

The Al-Jadir Collection comprises of more than 11,000 different artefacts.





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The main value of the Al-Jadir Collection lies in it's comprehensiveness...

1 The Collection covers all the Islamic regions and countries of the world, from the Philippines, the Malay world, Indian sub-continent, Central Asia, the Balkans, Caucausus, persia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, the Arab Peninsula, Egypt, Al-Magreb to East, Central and West Africa.

2 The Al-Jadir Collection represents various historical periods, although the last four centuries are predominant. While some peices are hallmarked for earlier dates, Islamic silver is very rarely hallmarked so there may well be a higher proportion of pieces from earlier dates and without doubt some items in the collection deserve a more profound study to establish this fact.

3 The Collection reflects the basic characteristics of Islamic art and the many historical and regional developments that grew out of this style including the Islamic decorative lexicon; calligraphic, geometric, floral, human, animal and abstract forms.

4 The artifacts show a variety of smithing techniques executed by thousands of mostly unknown artist smiths.

5 The Al-Jadir Collection embodies vital material of academic, artistic and aesthetic value while also reflecting different socio-economic functions. It represents an important part of the history of Islamic Smithing Art, and the vastness of this Collection of Islamic silver artefacts places it as a unique world collection.


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