Wicker Basket Weavng

In wicker, the basket-maker weaves the weft material over and under a stiff foundation or warp of rods or bundles of fiber.

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Wicker basketry is the most traditional and popular among basketry crafts. Sometimes wicker is used to make serving baskets and trays.

Material used can be any of  reed, cane, willow, oak, ash and more.


Olive tree twigs baskets sample from Palestine

The basket is called Qirtalla; it is a traditional Palestinian hand woven basket made from olive tree twigs. Qirtalla making is an ancient tradition in Palestine that persists in few villages in the Ramallah and Jerusalem area. Crafters are olive growers and the Qirtallah making is an activity that goes hand in hand with olive orchard maintenance. Crafters use the olive branches that grow on the bottom of the tree trunk that become harmful to the fruit bearing branches if not pruned.



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