Books on Palestinian Embroidery

One winner book is Palestinian Embroidery Motifs of Rimal Publications.

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1-   Palestinian Embroidery Motifs - A Treasury of Stitches 1850-1950 by Margarita Skinner in association with Wedad Kawar.

A Treasury of Stitches, is the first to document all the different motifs by origin and names used on the old dresses.

 2-  Threads of Identity: Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage, By Wedad Kawar.

Threads of Identity is a history of Palestinian women of the 20th century told through aspects of popular heritage, focusing on traditional dresses but also including textiles and rug weaving, rural and urban customs, cuisine, and festivities.

3-  The Art of Palestinian Embroidery, by Laila El-Khalidi

Leila El Khalidi's work in identifying and recording the history and motifs in Palestinian embroidery will be of interest both to craftspeople and to students of folk traditions and is an important step in preserving the Palestinian heritage.

4-  Traditional Palestinian Costume: origins and evolution, by Hanan Munayyer

A joyous celebration of pattern and color, and of an enduring Palestinian tradition.

5-   Palestinian Costume, Shelagh Weir

This book surveys male and female fashions from the early nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth, and describes the main regional styles of costume, their materials and ornamentation, against the background of Palestinian life and culture.

6-   Embroidery from Palestine, by Shelagh Weir

This book focuses on the spectacular embroidery that flourished in rural Palestine in the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth.

7-   Palestinian Costume, by Jehan Rajab

Jehan Rajab looks at the garments worn by three distinct groups: the Baladin, or townsfolk, the Fellahin or villagers.

8-   Palestinian costumes between old and new(arabic), by Family Care Society


9-   Palestinian Costumes(arabic/English), by Inash Ursa Society - Beireh   


10- Palestinian Embroidery Art Dictionary(arabic), by Nabil Anani, Suleiman Mansour, in association with Inash Usra Society - Beireh

Contains 642 motif found on traditional Palestinian Cotumes.  

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