Sidon Soap Museum in Lebanon

The Sidon Soap Museum (Khan ElSaboun) is a museum in Sidon, Lebanon. It traces the history of soap making in the region, its development and manufacturing techniques.


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Visitors can see a demonstration of how traditional olive oil soaps are made and learn about the history of the "hammam" (bath) traditions. A historical section of the museum introduces artifacts which were found during onsite excavation and which include remains of clay pipe heads dating from the 17th to 19th century as well as pottery fragments. The Museum building is an old soap factory built in the 17th century, although containing parts thought to date back to the 13th century, and was restored by the Audi Foundation before officially opening to the public in November 2000.

This Museum we speak of was also an old soap factory belonging to the Audis. One may also see various techniqus of production widespread from Aleppo to Nablus. There is a great variety of form, perfume and color for the visitor. One may also viit the old Hamam, a caferteria, and a sales booth offering a variety of local produe, glycerin scented with honey, lavender or rose, oils for the skin, lotions, hair tonics, eau de cologne, perfume, jasmine, serveittes and tunics. The Museum, being not far from the port and the citadel, gives a clear idea of our costumes and our identity, The architecture is marked by vaults, some of which go back to the 17th century, very old, while others are of more recent build. The  East facade, which gives onto a wide boulevard, was restored by its owners the Audies, who are considering the enlargement of the complex by adding other ancient adjoining houses.



  • Sidon Soap Museum Video      = Sidon soap museum documents the soap history and techniques in Greater Syria

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