Blown Glass (Hebron Glass)

Hebron glass (azaz al-Khalili) refers to glass produced in Hebron as part of a flourishing art industry established in the city during Roman rule in Palestine.


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For centuries, Hebron has been associated with glass production in the same way as Nablus has been associated with Soap Production. Hebron's Old City still contains a quarter named the "Glass-Blower Quarter" and Hebron Glass continues to serve as a tourist attraction for the city.

As the ancient Phoenician glass industry shrank from the exposed cities along the eastern Mediterranean coastline, the industry migrated inland, to Hebron in particular. Glass artifacts from Hebron dating to the 1st and 2nd centuries have been found, and are on exhibit as part of the Drake Collection.

Hebron was well known for glass production throughout the Arab world, and Western travellers to Palestine in the 19th century described its glass industry.

Later in the century, the production declined due to competition from imported European glass-ware. However, the products of Hebron continued to be sold, particularly among the poorer populace, not least of all by travelling Jewish traders from the city



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