Other Embroidery Stitches

Other Embroidery Stitches

There are several other stitches used for the embroidery of a design to be complete, which are not specific to the region.

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They are usually complementary stitches to help complete the handmade design  .

Some stitches known to us are the chain_stitch, satin_stitch, spike_stitch, comb_teeth_stitch and others  .

Some unknown stitches are the mizan (Scale), and silk_plant.

The main stitch in North Jordan is a fine running stitch called ragma. Patterns are created by the empty space left in between the embroidery. On the Salt dress a neat habke (binding stitch) goes on all seams in different shades of orange, red and deep pink. Another Jordanian stitch is Maan Stitch.


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